How to Add a Search Box in Rails

  • has many behavior logs
  • has many kids through behavior logs
  • has many behavior logs
  • has many user through behavior logs
  • belongs to user
  • belongs to kid
We will be calling for the BehaviorLog class to find instances that matches the search parameter. If there is an input from the user, then we will look through the Kid instances to find one that matches the user’s input (a kid name). If no input is received, then the search will return nil. If there’s a match kid instance, then we will use that kid object to find the associated behavior logs that belong to that kid instance.
Here the search method will be invoke every time the index page is displayed.
This is what the browser look like before a user enter an input in the search box
The user want to see all the behavior logs belong to Brian display on the index page
Once the user submit their search for Brian, only behavior logs belong to Brian display on the index page




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